Believing In The Power Of Self-Care 

16th Jul 2020
Leading to self-love, happiness and healthy wellbeing

How upsetting do you find it when loved ones are hurting or full of self-doubt? It’s difficult to hear, isn’t it, when someone you care for so deeply, is so full of mistrust in themselves, or apprehension about their own abilities, their appearance or the person they are. When all you can see is a beautiful, passionate, loyal and intelligent being, it can hurt our own souls to see such upset and doubt.

But what if that doubtful person going through a crisis of confidence was ourselves? Wouldn’t we think that our loved ones would feel the same upset at our inner sadness and low self-esteem? Undoubtedly, they do, but when we’re lacking the love for ourselves, it’s hard to believe that others could see us in any other way, which is incredibly damaging to our physical and emotional wellbeing and happiness.

That’s because so many of us are our own harshest critics. We, especially women, hardwire ourselves to believe that those who have a certain look, youth on their side, are slim, rich or have any other number of traits that we deem ‘good’, are better people.

Message in the sand : I Heart Me

What adds to this, is living in the era of social media, smartphones and filters, giving the impression that in order to succeed, we need to look, act, live or work in a certain way. We’re now conditioned to a set of cultural norms and this kind of conditioning makes us believe that our appearance directly impacts which social group we belong in – the powerfully glossy world of influencers or, not.

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign in 2013 found that “only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful”. Feeling attractive to other people and worrying about what we ‘should’ look like is high priority and having flawless skin is one of the most sought-after desires that we think will improve our wellbeing.

“Beauty is the celebration of what is unique about each one of us”

Asian woman cleaning face front of mirror, skin care and cosmetic removal

“Taking time to care about ourselves boosts our self-confidence”, and that’s why at Ytsara, we truly believe in the importance of self-care to promote self-love.

We embrace supporting inner beauty, self-care and mindfulness and our founder, Florence Jaffre, has over 20 years of knowledge and wisdom in nourishing beauty, happiness and confidence.

Even the name Ytsara is the Sanskrit word for freedom and what better freedom, than freedom from the cultural and social expectations in our own minds, only put there by skincare and beauty brands just looking to sell fear-based purchases to ‘improve’ our happiness and wellbeing.

Will you allow us to help boost your happiness? We believe it’s up to beauty brands like ours, to shift the focus from how we look, to how we feel. Because feeling comfortable in our own beautifully nourished skin is the most beautiful feeling of all.