Embracing the idea of Terra Mirifica – Wonderful Earth

21st Jul 2020
Help us to always be enchanted by the beauty of our planet

Respect is a really important word for all of us here at Ytsara. Respect for fellow human beings, respect for each other, respect for those human beings alive today that we haven’t met and respect for those who trod this earth before us. But perhaps the kind of respect that weaves the most through everything we do, is respect for this terra mirifica, or wonderful earth, we all call home.

When Florence set up Ytsara in 2001, it was this respect for the earth that drove her forward. With tears in her eyes at the thought of someone cutting down a tree so full of life and a broken heart at learning of the impact of excessive human consumption on the world’s beautiful oceans, she knew that Ytsara would be a beauty brand that truly made a difference.

Forests are shrinking and entire species of plants are disappearing as wild, natural lands are taken into the hands of developers. So Florence’s dream of nurturing biodiversity, contributing to the replenishment of rich forests and clean oceans and preserving ancient knowledge is paramount. Because that’s what terra mirifica means to us.

In her own words, “ancient healing methods originate from a knowledge and respect of the natural world. If we continue to destroy this natural world, we deprive ourselves of the wisdom of nature, an ancient wisdom that nature has been so good at preserving”.

Trees help to clean the air that we breathe, and perhaps take for granted. They help to filter the water we drink and provide a habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. That’s why we donate to One Tree Planted and our aim is to help them plant one million trees on our behalf.

We also donate to Panthera to help protect the beautiful but endangered snow leopard and we encourage all our spa partners to donate to organisations that work tirelessly to help protect similarly endangered flora and fauna.

Ytsara has three ecologically kind beliefs that supports this wonderful earth – we are clean, green and blue.


Our products are all organic, plant-based and suitable for vegans. Each one is dermatologically and efficacy tested and is certified free from gluten and heavy metals. All toxic beauty ingredients according to the EWG are banned from our products and 99.8% of our ingredients are rated best or low hazard by the EWG.


All our ingredients are plant-based actives and ancient botanicals with age-old skin healing and regenerating histories. They’re all responsibly and carefully extracted from renewable sources without damaging the plant.

We believe in being fair to local communities when we’re sourcing our botanicals and we nurture each plant by only collecting partial plant material where possible, to take what we need without unnecessarily killing the plant. Too often, human beings have taken from this earth, leaving nothing for other species, and that’s not something we could ever do.


We’re in the process of removing 50% of the reusable PETG plastic from our packaging and we donate the rest to the Plastic Bank to help reduce the plastics that end up in the oceans or find themselves littering the lands of some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

We want our eco heritage to be a positive one, so that our children and our children’s children are forever inspired and enchanted by our wonderful planet. Nature is full of surprises, so we hope you enjoy reading our blog, where we endeavour to share with you the richness and possibilities of nature.