Decoding labels & understanding our ingredients

24th Aug 2020

Reading a skincare label sometimes feels like a Master in Chemistry, in Latin, in Botanic are needed. This is not meant to lose the client but to express the ingredients in a language recognized by all  international organisations, this is called INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients0. This is what can be read at the back of all Ytsara packaging.  No explanations or common names can be added to this very strict list. But because Ytsara care for the client and truly want them to understand what they are applying on their skin, we have made the ingredient list online transparent, adding explanations to the INCI name for a better understanding.

To that we would like to add a little more explanation on 2 common beliefs.

Incomprehensible ingredients should be avoided:

While it is true in the very common belief is that product which come with a long list of  incomprehensible ingredients should not be chosen and people start to slap ingredients in their raw form. This will not make any change to the skin, maybe short-term changes but not long term 

The skin has three layers with different jobs, and we need some ingredients to be able to make their way to the dermal layer to make changes.

Natural ingredients are most often modified to penetrate the skin better by changing their molecular size or they are broken out into the parts that can make changes in your skin. And with these scientific changes, usually comes a new name. For instance in many Ytsara products the label shows Coco-Caprylate/Caprate with is coconut oil. 

Long ingredient lists should be avoided

Why do Ytsara ingredient list do not only bear 5 to 6 ingredients? Most of the ingredients in skincare are considered functional ingredients, meaning they have the very prestigious job of packing up the active ingredients to spread them on the skin.  Preservatives, water, thickeners, pH adjusters, delivery systems, emollients and surfactants are examples of functional ingredients. They are the support system for the active ingredients! So when buying an Ytsara Cream with Velvet Camellia and see that it’s not the first ingredient on the list, this is absolutely normal.  It’s because the ingredient needs other ingredients to make application easy as well as preserve the product. Sometimes functional ingredients even carry the active ingredients to the dermal layer of the skin. They are not fillers they are just the best for an efficient delivery to your skin.

Active ingredients are the performance ingredients! They are what will make the changes to the skin. Ytsara skin formulations are packed with incredible efficacy driven active ingredients that have been tested on.. humans to evaluate their efficacy. These are the tried and true ingredients that help with acne, anti-aging, dehydrated skin or pigmentation. 

Your journey to skincare wellness in harmony with nature begins with knowledge and making conscious choices.
Bon voyage de découverte.