We humans are increasingly becoming indoor species. We spend 90% of our life indoor. And, on average, we dedicate eight hours a day looking at screens. But our body, or in other words human biology, likes being in nature, especially in forests. Our indoor and urban lifestyle has resulted in an increase of nature-deficit disorder, […]

Decoding labels & understanding our ingredients

Reading a skincare label sometimes feels like a Master in Chemistry, in Latin, in Botanic are needed. This is not meant to lose the client but to express the ingredients in a language recognized by all  international organisations, this is called INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients0. This is what can be read at the back […]

Preserving Beauty, Reducing harm

Using products that are natural, plant based, organic and ethically sourced is important to you and you probably scour the list of ingredients in skincare products like a tiger, pouncing on anything synthetic with a growl – off your shopping list that product goes. The Ytsara ethos places natural, wholesome, sustainably sourced ingredients and manufacturing […]

Scent of a Truth

Scent. Psychologists have proved the positive effect of pleasant fragrances upon our sense of wellbeing and let’s be honest, life without the heady perfume of spring flowers or the warm spicy notes of a cinnamon pastry would be unbearable. Of all our senses, the one most closely linked with memory is smell, which explains the […]

Embracing the idea of Terra Mirifica – Wonderful Earth

Help us to always be enchanted by the beauty of our planet Respect is a really important word for all of us here at Ytsara. Respect for fellow human beings, respect for each other, respect for those human beings alive today that we haven’t met and respect for those who trod this earth before us. […]

In tribute to the World’s Oceans

On the third Monday of each July, Japan celebrates the wonders of the ocean in a festival called Umi no Hi, or Marine Day. Umi no Hi is the first national holiday of the Japanese summer and celebrates the end of tsuyu, or the rainy season. The celebration raises awareness of the importance of the […]

Velvet Camellia Oil : A Treasured Beauty Secret 

In 1903, while traveling in the province of Yunnan, China, uncle Albert had admired the flawless porcelain-like skin of the local women.  Their well-kept beauty secret was a tea flower oil 茶花 (cháhuā), also known to the Japanese as Tsubaki and to the West as Camellia Japonica, a member of the tea family. This magnificent […]

Believing In The Power Of Self-Care 

Leading to self-love, happiness and healthy wellbeing How upsetting do you find it when loved ones are hurting or full of self-doubt? It’s difficult to hear, isn’t it, when someone you care for so deeply, is so full of mistrust in themselves, or apprehension about their own abilities, their appearance or the person they are. […]