We aim to help you be happy about yourself, with
naturally beautiful skin and a graceful inner balance, every day.

T H E  S T O R Y  O F  Y T S A R A

Albert's heritage

Behind the creation of Ytsara there is the story of Uncle Albert, the Great Uncle of Florence, Ytsara’s founder. Albert was a free spirit and travelled all across Asia exploring local cultures and traditional healing rituals.

Green and sustainable

We are committed to preserving the earth’s precious resources and protect the integrity of Nature. Our natural ingredients are responsibly sourced through sustainable solutions, delivering powerful benefits that go beyond skin deep. We are continually looking for new ways to reduce waste and our carbon footprint to ensure a future with flourishing Nature for generations to come.

Our Formulation process

Based on scientific knowledge, ancient healing botanicals and Elixir Originel TM, our unique methodology has built a strong reputation for effectiveness and pleasurable sensory experiences. Elixir Originel, the secret element in Ytsara cares, infuses our formulae with a energized water, vitamins, minerals & plant extract, all combined to build resilience against environmental aggressors. Highly concentrated in botanical, marine and biological active ingredients our ingredients are cold processed in our laboratory in France.

Experience Ytsara

Since 2001, our Ytsara beauty rituals are guided by a holistic philosophy, inspired by the world of wellness. Whether in the spa or at home, our signature treatments will help you to achieve skin vibrancy and feel your very best every day. Because we want to take care of everyone as individuals, we created personalized skincare and wellbeing recommendations.